Mica Sheet Supply

We offer 18"x 36" mica sheet that averages 30 to 35 thousandths of an inch thick, about the thickness of heavy card-stock. We sell Almond/ Silver, Dark & Light Amber color.

$37.00 each (18"x 36")  plus postage (& sales tax inside California)

$62.00 each (36"x 36") will call in Los Angeles or quantity freight orders only.

Email us your mailing address with "free mica samples" in the subject line for a sample pack!




*All samples are shown backlit, colors vary slightly from lot to lot. Mica appears darker when not backlit.

Standard Priority Mail Shipping.

1 sheet       West $12.95      East $18.35

2 sheets     West $15.95      East $22.95

3 sheets     West $18.95      East $27.50

4 sheets     West $19.95      East $28.95

Ordering Mica Sheet is Easy and Secure.

Email us your quantity, Color, and ship to zip code and we will reply with a secure PayPal invoice that you can pay with a credit card. We ship same or next day on PayPal payments!

You may also mail a check once you have a quote.


PO Box 93494

Pasadena, Ca. 91109

California residents add 9.0% sales tax.




What Is Mica Sheet???

Mica sheet is composed of thin mineral mica crystals that are laminated or held together with shellac or vinyl resin. Unpurified shellac has a natural yellow cast that gives the amber mica its color. Vinyl resin is clear and allows the mica to show its natural mineral color. Most raw mica crystal being used now has a slight red cast called "ruby" that can be seen when a sheet is laid on a white sheet of paper. Other mica may have a greenish tint from trace elements of copper. These colors are limited only by the minerals that they may come in contact with in nature.